What is Hatha Yoga?

The earliest records of Hatha yoga date back over 5000 years; they were discovered in the Indus valley in what is today called Pakistan. Over the Millennia yoga has been developed and refined by Indian Sages who required a strong and healthy body to undertake prolonged meditation.

It is this physical form of yoga called Hatha yoga that we teach at the Yoga Studio; this form of yoga is recommended by many physicians and chiropractors.

The delight of Hatha yoga is that it is suitable for people of all ages. Whatever your level of fitness you will be able to make real and lasting improvements to your health. This is achieved with a series of low impact breathing and stretching exercises, which work the body and focus the mind. After these exercises there is a relaxation period which calms the mind and body and helps to relieve stress.


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This pose or asana is called the "standing separate leg stretching pose". Similar forms of this pose are known by different names depending on the style of Hatha yoga practiced.





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This pose is called "the triangle" the photo does not show the "ideal" form of the pose but demonstrates two pupils giving it their best. That is the joy of Yoga, it is self-paced and under your full control, it is the regular participation and stretching that provides the many benefits.





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Updated: 12 June 2011